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Author Jennifer Freed PhD’s book Use Your Planets Wisely was recently featured on

Let me first start off by saying I can be a huge skeptic when it comes to horoscopes. I never identified with my Aries sign. I always read how Aries are these high energy, confident people with large personalities that bulldoze their way through life and make themselves known. I however, am more of a quiet introverted type who likes to sit back and observe.

But it turns out, the traditional horoscope is only your “sun sign” – the position of the sun at the time of your birth – which represents only one factor of your personality. What I learned from “psychological astrologer” Dr. Jennifer Freed, PhD, who just published Use Your Planets Wisely, taught me that your complete astrological birth chart incorporates the placement of the sun, all the planets, Pluto and the asteroid Chiron at the exact moment you were born. According to her book, a full birth chart can give you much more relevant information and a deeper understanding of yourself: what she calls a “cosmic blueprint”. And once you have that, you can bring psychology and astrology together to better understand your particular challenges and strengths to help you navigate life, and especially relationships, more skillfully.